"You never know how strong you are...
                until being strong is your only choice."

-- Bob Marley

Allyhoo is an IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.    |    All contributions are tax-deductible.    |    Our Tax ID # is 81-5414937

Phone: 612.440.OWLS (6957)
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What is an Allyhoo?

Allyhoo is an animal-shaped pillow custom handmade by me and a great group of team members and volunteers. When you order an Allyhoo, you receive your own custom, cuddly character and a twin will be donated to a patient at Children’s Hospitals & Clinics – Minneapolis in your name! Each Allyhoo is made of 100% fleece and is filled with 100% premium polyester fiberfill.

Every Allyhoo comes with a registration certificate that allows both you and the patient to independently register and name your Allyhoo on our website.

allyhoo - [allie-who]


1: An imperfect creation to brighten an imperfect day.
     "I could really use an Allyhoo right now."

2: A smile from a stranger.
    "Where'd you get that Allyhoo?!" "www.allyhoo.com."